Medical transport Serbia: We provide comfortable and convenient transportation at all times

From the moment of the call from Belgrade, we arrive at the desired address in a maximum of 20 minutes!

Medical transport Serbia – How are we different from others?


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Medical transport Serbia

Medical transport Serbia of patients at home and abroad! Professional – fast – responsible

Transport of disabled people and people with disabilities is done from bed to bed. Patient transport covers the whole of Europe and our working hours are 00-24h throughout the year.

Transportation of patients by special medical vehicles equipped with the latest equipment. We transport patients from bed to bed.
International transport of patients is performed with the assistance of professional and friendly staff. With transport we cover all of Europe and our working hours are 00-24h throughout the year.
Transportation of patients by airplane equipped with all necessary medical equipment with the medical support of staff trained for this type of services.
For transporting people with heavy mobility in a sitting position, we are equipped with a special chair with a ramp for easier entry and exit of the vehicle.
If you need transportation to a hospital or outpatient clinic, at a friend’s, in a spa or wherever you want, we are at your disposal.
We provide a complete transportation service for people with disabilities, Immobile persons are transported by ambulance vehicles fully equipped with the assistance of a professional person.

Medical transport Serbia: Fully equipped ambulances!

When inspecting the patient’s health, we provide adequate medical support, comfortable and comfortable transportation at all times.

By appointment, we await completion of the examination and return the patient to the address.

Others about us: The quality of our work is best evidenced by successful cooperation with our clients

Good luck guys on professionalism, kindness, accuracy. I would highly recommend this team of wonderful people to anyone who needs any transportation services for patients with disabilities. Thanks a lot to the Safe Trance team and all the best in your future work.
Zorica Vagic Kostre
The boys are a professional, young team that puts a smile on patients in difficult moments. Every honor for the service!
Stefan Nikolić
When you have a seriously ill family member and need to be transported to another country for treatment, it means a lot to you when there is a doctor at all times who can help. The staff is first and foremost highly professional, friendly, they have a nice word and a smile ... in difficult times, it means a lot to everyone. All the best in future work and heartfelt recommendations!
Petar Dimić
The service is very professional, meticulous and accurate! The vehicles are comfortable and extremely well equipped, every recommendation.
Dušan Trninić
Guys, every honor on your courtesy, expertise, you're wonderful. I warmly recommend you to anyone who needs an ambulance. Thanks for everything!
Danijela Kostić
Extremely friendly and professional staff and service. Fast efficient and expert! Dedicated to their work, all praise and recommendations for the team
Stefan Stepanović
I was fortunate enough to work with you. Extremely responsible, extremely professional, available 24 hours and always with a smile on your face because after hours of driving you can not see fatigue but just a smile. The sanitation is extremely clean, equipped with modern equipment and monitoring, and I think satisfied patients and high volume of work are the best recommendation in Serbia, and it seems to me even more abroad.
Professional service as soon as possible (transportation of an elderly lady with a fracture of the essential bone, from Hungary, overnight). Exceptional access, friendly staff and all the necessary equipment in an ambulance, at the right price. For every recommendation and praise, the real "luck in the accident."
Fast ordering and transport organization. Very friendly and competent staff. Professional international transportation. Thank you heart, you are an angel in an ambulance!
Яна лукасова

What does our patient transportation mean?

  • transportation of the elderly
  • transportation of immovable persons
  • transportation of severely mobile patients
  • transport of patients of different stages
  • transport patients with escort
  • carriage of persons from bed to bed
  • international patient transport
  • Highly equipped vehicles
  • Transport covers the whole of Europe
  • An experienced team of drivers
  • Possibility to schedule transport for the same day
  • Our working hours are 00-24h
  • Medical escort of persons with disabilities
  • Use of special medical equipment
  • Transportation of patients by plane
  • Implementation of transport now!
  • Vehicle rental with driver
  • Rental vehicles with a medical team
  • On-call and emergency care
  • Medical security for public meetings
  • Medical security car racing
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