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Fast, quality health care and medical assistance.


We professionally and professionally provide home help and care services


We provide professional care and assistance to immobile persons


We provide the best possible home care to our patients

Outpatient services Safe Medic is a complete outpatient service with the idea of providing a complete health service and medical care in our clinic or in your home.

Complete outpatient service

Home care is a service that the medical staff of the Safe Medic clinic performs professionally and carefully and provides immobile persons with maximum care and assistance.

Home care for the elderly involves several forms of care depending on the needs. Whether a person has difficulty moving or is completely immobile, he needs a special type of care and help.

Our home help service is intended for the elderly and people with disabilities who live alone and are no longer able to perform basic, daily activities in their home.

You have a contact person at all times to help in difficult situations and emergencies.

patronažne usluge beograd

Fast and professional

Medical transport of the patient

We provide comfortable and pleasant medical transport of patients at all times


From the moment of the call from Belgrade, we arrive at the desired address in a maximum of 20 minutes!

Professional - fast - responsible

Medical transport of patients in the country and abroad!

We transport the disabled and people with limited mobility from bed to bed. We cover the whole of Europe with patient transport and our working hours are 00-24h throughout the year.

Transportation of patients in the country

Transportation of patients by special ambulances equipped with the most modern equipment. We transport patients from bed to bed.

International patient transport

We provide international transport of patients accompanied by professional and friendly staff. We cover the whole of Europe with transport and our working hours are 00-24h throughout the year.

Transporting patients by plane

Transport of patients by plane equipped with all necessary medical equipment with medical escort of personnel trained for this type of services.

Transportation of the disabled

For transporting people with limited mobility in a sitting position, we are equipped with a special chair with a ramp for easier entry and exit from the vehicle.

Sanitary patient transport

If you need transportation to the hospital or clinic, to a friend, to the spa or wherever you want, we are at your disposal.

Medical transport

We provide a complete service of transportation of persons with disabilities, Immobile persons are transported by ambulances fully equipped accompanied by a professional.

How are we different from others?


064 4 572 572

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Organization of treatment abroad

Ambulance patient transport: Fully equipped ambulances!

When inspecting the patient’s health condition, we provide adequate medical care, comfortable and pleasant transportation at all times. By agreement, we are waiting for the completion of the examination and the return of the patient to the address.

CALL US: +381 64 4 572 572

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Our satisfied customers

Others about us: The quality of our work is best illustrated by successful cooperation with our clients

What does our medical transport of patients mean?

  • Transportation of the elderly
  • Transport of immovable persons
  • Transportation of patients with limited mobility
  • Transport of patients of different stages
  • Transportation of patients with escort
  • Transport persons from bed to bed
  • International patient transport
  • Highly equipped vehicles
  • We cover the whole of Europe with transport
  • Experienced team of drivers
  • Possibility to schedule transportation for the same day
  • Our working hours are 00-24h
  • Medical accompaniment of persons with disabilities
  • Use of special medical equipment
  • Transporting patients by plane
  • Realization of transport immediately!
  • Car rental with driver
  • Car rental with a medical team
  • Duty and emergency care
  • Medical security of public gatherings
  • Medical security of auto-moto races

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